Paddle Kitsap - Ride The Tide

Location:  Silverdale, WA, United States
Starting From: US $35.00

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RIDE THE TIDE at this years Paddle Kitsap.

Paddle Kitsap is a one day paddle from Port Orchard to Silverdale through Port Washington Narrows on a strong incoming tide that will propel you with ease to our destination. Paddle Kitsap is an amazing experience! The community of people, the location, the challenge and the good food make this a trip to remember.

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With views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, Mount Rainier, and wildlife this trip will be a highlights of the paddling year.

No experience is needed and all ages are welcome.
Kayak or Standup Paddleboard Rentals:

Standup paddleboards and single and double kayaks are available to rent for the event. All rentals include boat/board, individually fitted personal flotation device and paddle. Kayak rentals include a bilge pump and paddle float.

A short lesson or refresher is also included with each rental, as well as help with fitting of all equipment.

All rental equipment will be delivered to and picked up from the event by us. You do not need to do anything but get fitted to your equipment and paddle!

Additional Information

Kayak Rental Cost

Want to do Paddle Kitsap but don't have your own boat? Or are you thinking of buying a kayak but need to try one out? We have plastic and fiberglass single and double kayaks for rent! Kayak rentals include personal flotation devices (PFD), paddles, spray skirt, bilge pump, paddle float, and transportation of the boat and equipment to and from the event locations.

Rental rates for the event:

Single Models: give us your specific size and weight and we'll fit you with the best model for you.

Single Kayak

Double Models: Necky Amaruk.Double Kayak rental

Paddle Kitsap 2014 Timeline

<img alt="2014 Paddle Kitsap Timeline" src="../images/2014/PK-Timeline2014.jpg" />

Day                Time Line            Location                          Activity

Saturday            9:30 AM         Water Street Boat Launch      Check-in Open

23-Aug-14      10:30 AM             Water Street Boat Launch      Paddlers Meeting

                      11:00 AM             Water Street Boat Launch      Paddlers Start

                      Noon            Evergreen Park                       Lunch Stop

                    3:00 PM             Silverdale Waterfront park       Paddlers Arrive

Things To Bring

What to Bring Your Boat in the following condition:

  • Flotation in each end of the boat either bulk headed hatches with covers or float bags.

  • No cracked hatch covers missing covers or unsafe hatch systems. Boat must be able to float in case of capsize.

  • Carry handles on each end of the boat.

  • Bow and Stern lines - 12 foot long, nylon cord OK.

  • Recreational kayaks or open canoes only if provided with proper flotation. Sit on top kayaks OK.

  • All the * items below.

For the Boat (star items are required)

  • ____* Life Jacket(Must wear at all times on the water)

  • ____* Paddle/Oar (light as possible)

  • ____Paddle/Oar Leash

  • ____* Spray Skirt (required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____* Bilge Pump(required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____* Paddle Float (required for all sit-in boats)

  • ____*Whistle(required by Coast Guard)

  • ____Basic First-Aid Kit

  • ____* Bow Tow Line (12 feet)

  • ____* Stern Tow Line (12 feet)

  • ____*Two 20-oz. water bottles (or equal hydration pack)

  • ____Waterproof cases (cell phone, GPS,VHF, iPod, etc.)

  • ____*Cell Phone for emergency(at least 1 per group)

  • ____Dry Bags size 5 and 10 for clothes and gear

  • ____Binoculars

  • ____Chart Case or large zip lock for days chart

Boating Clothing

  • ____Short-sleeve Shirt

  • ____Long-sleeve Shirt

  • ____Shorts

  • ____Tights

  • ____Wind jacket or paddling jacket

  • ____Wind pants or paddling pants

  • ____Dry suit or wetsuit (optional)

  • ____Tennis shoes, sandals or water shoe, NO flip-flops.

  • ____Paddling Gloves and/or Poggies

  • ____Hat

  • ____Sun Screen

  • ____Lip balm

  • ____Sunglasses with strap


  • ____Camera(you will want to have one of these)

  • ____Pocket knife

  • ____* Personal identification(required by Coast Guard)

  • ____Cash or Bank Card for waterfront stores

  • ____Personal Snacks and Drinks

  • ____Small Tent and overnight gear.


Donation to Water Trail program

Optional - Shuttle back to Port Orchard


Paddle Kitsap does not include:
* Kayak and kayaking equipment (rentals are available--we will deliver kayaks and all equipment to you at Paddle Kitsap)
* Shuttle (optional)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Refunds, less a processing fee of $10 for paddler registrations, will be issued to those who submit a cancellation by August 15th.

After August 15th
No refunds and no transfers. Transfers of registration will not be allowed.

Please submit cancellation emails to:
Olympic at (360) 297-4659 or


We leave from Port ORchard Boat Ramp


Check in Saturday morning at Water Street Boat launch in Port Orchard


Shuttle Available

Additional Locations

Port Orchard, WA, United States

Booking for [Paddle Kitsap - Ride The Tide- 8/23] on December 31, 1969
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"Thank you again for scheduling the Saturday outing for our group. It was wonderful, Hawk was an excellent instructor and everyone had a great time, and 4 of us would like to sign up for the SK-2 class this Thursday evening."

~Julia Atwood

"Thank you so much again for the fabulous lesson today! We all had an absolute blast. When Kendall’s mom dropped Kate off at our house this afternoon, the girls were begging us to go tomorrow. They were offering to pay for it, even! I think we’ve got some lifelong SUPers on our hands..."


"I actually went to the shop two weekends ago to buy the boys their wetsuits. They stocked a lot of really great equipment for my kayak building projects. It is good to know that they can order items that are not on the website as well, as I am always looking for parts that are difficult to find sometimes."


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